Our Locations

See some of our most popular filming sites can be seen here. Contact us for other properties to suit your requirements.


445,000 hectares

Coillte owns over 445,000 hectares of land, about 7% of the land cover of Ireland. Coillte properties are located throughout Ireland with many convenient to the greater Dublin/north Wicklow area.


The Coillte Estate

The Coillte estate provides a stunning variety of locations. As well as varied woodland settings and properties with features such as open space, water and old buildings.



Coillte on Film has a dedicated Film/TV Events Liaison Officer and is partnered with Industry experts OCMS in order to provide an intuitive response to the requirements of clients.


On the Reel

Coillte on Film has a proven track record in providing filming locations. In 2014 alone we have hosted productions including The Lobster, The Woods, Love Hate, Reign, Vikings and many more.


Coillte On Film

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