Coillte On Film

Welcome to – the website dedicated to showcasing Coillte properties to the film, television and event businesses.

Coillte offers a variety of woodland backdrops suitable for film locations, many with additional features like water, open space and old buildings.  Many of these are convenient to the greater Dublin/north Wicklow area.

Coillte is partnering with O’Carroll Mulhern Services (OCMS), film & TV location specialists to ensure that its forest properties provide the industry with locations where filming can be conducted effectively, delivering significant economic benefits (including local employment and tourism) while being sensitive to the needs of other forest users.

This website provides a portfolio of properties specifically selected as filming locations. However, other Coillte properties are open for filming or for use for large scale events on demand providing these have been vetted and approved in advance.

All filming or holding of events requires advance review, and is subject to contractual terms including evidence of appropriate insurance. In general, a minimum of five working days notice needs be provided.

An application form for filming or major events can be submitted here.

If you wish to discuss your enquiry before submitting an application form contact us here